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Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: press manufacturer
Pera Pellenc, manufacturer of winemaking equipment: wine press
Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment
Pera Pellenc, manufacturer of winemaking equipment: Gulfstream

PERA-PELLENC, manufacturer of winemaking and vinification equipment (destemmers, hopper, presses, thermovinification, cooling).

PERA-PELLENC, a family-owned company founded in 1896 and since 2014, a subsidiary of the PELLENC Group, is one of the main engineering and parts suppliers for the winery. Pera Pellenc provides tailored solutions with high added value for the entire wine industry. Pera-Pellenc also offers a complete range of winemaking equipment suitable for all cellars (presses from 20 to 600 hL, thermovinification, pumps, hoppers, destemmers, cooling processes, industrial processes, etc.).
French business with a strong policy of innovation.
Full range of winemaking equipment designed by Pera Pellenc
Winemaking equipment
Full range of innovative, quality equipment
Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: winemaking process
Winemaking process
Tailor-made solutions, design and production of processes adapted for wineries
Pera Pellenc services, experts in cellar requirements.
Experts in cellar requirements.
Our strong points
Pera Pellenc strong points, winemaking equipment: 100% made in France 100% made in France
Pera Pellenc strong points, winemaking equipment: quality is our spearhead Quality is our spearhead
Pera Pellenc strong points, winemaking equipment: experts in each field Experts in each field
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PERA-PELLENC is partner to the COOP de France LR
PERA-PELLENC is partner to the Festival of Vine and Wine, in the Bouches du Rhône
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