Strong points and values of Pera Pellenc

our strengths

Strong points and values of Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: 100 % made in France
made in France
We are a French company with 120 years of experience.
All our products are made in France, which guarantees the quality and control of the whole production line.
Every day, 170 people working in 22 different sectors on the Florensac site produce high quality equipment.
Strong points and values of Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: quality is our spearhead
is our spearhead
Renowned for the reliability and robustness of our products, we integrate all the requirements of cellars into our equipment right from the design stage. The quality of our materials is our priority, and we do our utmost to enable our customers to produce wines that their consumers will enjoy.
Strong points and values of Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: experts in each field
in each field
We engage experts in their field, and that shows in the quality of our products. Our company has a team of oenologists, a high-tech engineering department and technicians on the ground who analyse your needs, then design and complete your projects.
We are fully conversant with our business, its constraints, and the market situation. We make sure we are highly skilled in our manufacturing and marketing processes.


PERA-PELLENC was built on solid human values, which have built up the strength of our company.


Experts in the field

For PERA-PELLENC, being close means that every customer counts. We forge close working relationships with our customers, and this synergy makes us more efficient in our advisory service.

We stay with you from A to Z: follow-up and assistance throughout your projects, with a quality service before, during and after the sale.

We guarantee that you will always have an expert by your side: on the ground and in the factory, we are always on hand to help you, the winegrowers, and can meet your every need.

Basic values of Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: being closer to you


Innovation is our passion

Our company has always prized the culture of innovation. In our search for excellence, we stand out from the crowd and constantly develop new products to improve our processes and offer solutions.

But innovating also means living in one's time and being aware of current concerns: in all our winemaking processes we use only the most eco-friendly products.

Basic values of Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: innovation in the interests of performance

The human spirit, the heart of our company

Recruiting and developing talent

Our employees are the strength of our company. We consider our employees for their values and their potential, and not only for the technical skills required for the job to be filled.

Training is also important for us. We help our engineers and support in-house promotion.

Basic values of Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: humanity at the heart of the company

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