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Green Cryo TM

Multifunctional chiller equipment for grapes and wines.

Green CryoTM is an innovative multifunctional chiller that can treat fluids with solid parts (grapes, must, wine and lees) as well as liquids (water or glycol). With its original design, Green CryoTM can produce both cold and heat.

“The tests were carried out with fresh grapes, musts in fermentation and flash musts. We combined the cooling of the grapes arriving in the cellar with maintaining constant temperature of the tanks in alcoholic fermentation. We connected the group to the switch indicators of our alcoholic fermentation tanks. This type of equipment provides flexibility in cooling operations as in general the chiller in the cellar cannot cool grapes and liquids. For cellars needing slow to average flow, it is definitely more economical as it replaces 2 systems, which saves on operating expenses. It is small, more ecological and clever: the heat can be reused to heat the water which is always useful during vinification to reactivate the yeasts, help start malolactic fermentation or clean the cellar.”

Technical director
Union de Guyenne (33) FRANCE

Green CryoTM is a multifunctional chiller

PERA   ADVANTAGES   Green Cryo TM is a gold medal winner at the SITEVI innovation awards


• Respects the integrity of the products to be treated
• Constant temperature

Cost effectiveness

• Multipurpose tool: can be used for several tasks
• Depreciates over longer periods
• Recovers energy
• Meets the needs of smaller structures
• Low maintenance (Scroll compressor)


• Sustainable development: pure gas which lasts over time
• Multipurpose: solid or liquid
• Better energy efficiency (R134a pure gas and energy recovery)


• Silent compressor
• Compact, mobile and high tech
• Very simple to use

Green Cryo TM enables fermentation temperatures to be managed
Management of fermentation temperatures
Green Cryo TM: cleaning the winery
Cleaning the winery


Green CryoTM is a mobile multifunctional chiller comprising :
• a pressure reducing valve
• a compressor (Scroll)
• a condenser (dual air and water condenser).

The refrigerant used is pure (R134a) which absorbs heat in the evaporator (on the grapes, musts, cold water, etc.) and releases some into the condenser (in the ambient air or to produce hot water to use in the winery). The refrigerant makes the transfer.

Diagram of Green Cryo TM’s 3 concentric tubes

This evaporator is designed with 3 concentric circular tubes :
• The inner tube allows the grapes, must or wine to circulate
• The first annular space allows the circulation of the refrigerating gas
• The 2nd annular space allows the circulation of the liquids: water and glycol.

Energy is recovered by a plate heat exchanger which can heat water to obtain excellent energy performance (COP>6). Hot water is produced for the same operating costs and can be used to reactivate yeasts, heat for malolactic fermentation, wash the winery or other purposes.

Green CryoTM is an essential part of your vinification processes and treats all products in the cellar.

Descriptive diagram of operation of Green Cryo TM
Operation of Green Cryo TM
Operation of Green Cryo TM
Green CryoTM
20 000 neg. cals / hour
Air: 30°C / Water: 15°C
Gas used
Control interface with programmer
Wheel for handling
Manufactured with
Stainless steel 304L
Power supply
32A 380V 3P+T in 50 Hz
Number of Green CryoTM possible in series
Temperature at outlet
Standard Optional