The automatic control systems developed by Pera-Pellenc run all the processes designed and installed. The simple, intuitive interface layout helps manage the cellar processes, thus improving efficiency and safety at work.



1. Automated loading:

• Reception of harvest
• Harvest in hoppers
• Whole cluster harvest for sparkling wines with a distribution system for supply to presses
• Managing valves for selecting harvest from reception to press, from press to pomace screws



2. Pushing the grapes and cleaning the piping

Piston-head push: emptying piping, better tracking of vat filling, savings on water for washing



3. Supervision of pressing site

All information on the site presses is available on one interface, displayed on a PC. Press management optimised, with real time information on status and any faults on the presses in use.



4. Thermovinification

Harvest transferred from heating system to maceration tanks, storage vats (several different types of storage vat can be managed), flash detente.



5. Automatic vat emptying

Control of pomace discharge to presses.



6. Regulation of the fermentation temperatures

Controlling temperature settings for vats from a touchscreen interface, remote control possible.

Connected control, optional info by email/SMS if there is a chiller fault or incorrect vat temperature (N° of vat, hot or cold temperature setting).



7. Remote process diagnostics


8. Managing pumps for heating or cooling


9. Flash pasteurisation / tartaric stabilisation

Tartaric stabilisation skid controlled by a PERA-PELLENC automatic controller
Screen for controlling reception with Pellenc sorting
Controlling full harvest intake with press fed through doors
Screen for controlling thermovinification with flash detente
Devatting and supply system for fermented pomace in presses
Management control panel for vat temperatures
Control interface for hot water production