The Ingas and Enoxy+ presses from Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment, oxidation protection system


The juices run off under a flow of inert gas

Pera Pellenc advantages, winemaking equipment: Pera patented innovation

PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS offers an indispensable, effective and simple process for running the juices off under neutral gas to preserve the aromatic potential of the grapes.

The juices leave the press tank and run into the inerted juice tank under a flow of neutral gas (CO2 or nitrogen) via a single juice outlet: the juice is no longer in contact with the ambient air.
Optimised injection by impulsion of neutral gas under the drainage grids during pressing protects the juices from oxidation.

This system can be supplemented by the Enoxy+ to reduce the input of antioxidants (e.g. SO2, ascorbic acid, vegetable proteins) and protect the juices that come from breaking up the press cake.


The pressing data is stored on an SD card in the press interface. • Inerted press
• Colour and aromas are protected
• A compact, straightforward, and effective system
• The press retains its versatility
• No depreciation if you want to sell it
• No gas pollution (non-recycled, neutral food-type gas)
• Lower gas consumption (about 10% of the volume for each pressing)

Ce système peut être complété par le dispositif Enoxy+ pour réduire l’apport d'anti-oxydants (SO2 a. ascorbique par exemple) et protéger les jus issus de l’émiettage.

The Pera Pellenc Ingas and Enoxy+ presses are equipped with a single juice outlet.
Single outlet for the juices
Ingas: Ingas presses are equipped with neutral gas pulse optimised injection
Ingas: neutral gas is injected under the grids and the juices run directly into the inerted juice vat


protects the juices from oxidation

Diagram of Ingas press from Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment
With the Ingas oxidation protection system, the colour and aromas of the wine are preserved.
Ingas: colour and aromas are protected



Pera Pellenc advantages, winemaking equipment: Pera patented innovation

This system automatically injects a liquid oenological solution during the harvest when breaking up the press cakes. Overall, it reduces SO2 doses by fractioning them throughout the juice extraction process and increases their efficiency.
The fractioning amount means a smaller dose, added more often. Adding a very small dose to the press stops harmful enzyme action (PPO, laccase, etc.) and protects the musts from oxidation.

The development of the Enoxy+ system has made the Smart Press a highly effective winemaking tool. The system enables the injection of liquid oenological solutions into the heart of the press.

Applications :

1- Injection of vegetable proteins into the heart of the harvest and as soon as possible provides protection against oxidation and reduces the doses of SO2 used.

2- Injection of enzymes during skin macerations or maceration after the Flash Detente process

3- Injection of antioxidant liquid form (e.g. S02, ascorbic acid)


• Greater aromatic intensity of the juices
• Option of use with SO2:
- Reduced risk: less error
- Specific and gradual dosing
- Improves the effectiveness of the SO2
- Reduces the doses of SO2
• The glutathione is preserved
• Increased production of thiols
• Press cake better preserved
• The colour is protected
• Simple and effective
• The press remains versatile
• No depreciation if you want to sell it
• Compact

Diagram of Enoxy+ press dosing pump from Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment
Enoxy+: dosing pump
Diagram of Enoxy+ press injection nozzle from Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment
ENOXY + system (tank and dosing pump of the antioxidant solution



Diagram showing operation of Enoxy+ press controlled injection from Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment
Juice colour result with Enoxy +
Result: brighter colour