Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: engineering, winemaking monitoring processes, after-sales service

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Your assured peace of mind

From the birth of the project to commissioning the plant, PERA PELLENC experts accompany you to meet your expectations and optimise your processes.


Pera Pellenc's experts design turnkey solutions, to meet your expectations. A full team of engineers, designers, automatic systems engineers work on designing and incorporating all of the processes in your cellars. From the birth of your project, our experts offer you the best possible solution.
We design your installations and supervise the worksite.

Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: engineering


Our oenology engineers support you from the start of the project, to adapt the process to suit your needs precisely.
We support you during the wine-making process to help you learn to use the equipment, in order to produce wines that meet consumer demand.

Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: winemaking monitoring processes


Our after-sales service technicians install the equipment, and provide maintenance and support during harvests. Distributed throughout the world, our experts are close to your wineries, for maximum responsiveness.
Our expert technicians train the whole of our distribution network to bring you a quality service. We support you to bring your plants on stream and train users in correct operation of the equipment and the process.

Pera Pellenc, winemaking equipment: after sales service