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Smart Oak

- Smart Oak is an innovative tool for controlling the oak ageing of wines, allowing faster, more accurate extraction of the oak to suit consumer tastes.
Smart Oak is an automated tool for managing the oaking of wines. Smart Oak is connected to an oaking vat.

Different types of wood fragments can be used (shavings, staves, and bloks).
Balanced, quality oaking is completed in a few days instead of a few weeks.
The winemaker chooses the type of oaking to put in the wines, to suit consumer demand, with a simple, easyto- use interface.


Smart Oak helps to oak the wine for the optimum period of time. Smart Oak provides a response to an urgent, unplanned demand for oaking. The organoleptic result still complies with current practice. The oaking is also repeatable. Smart Oak is easy to use and implement. The wine keeps its fruit and its aroma, while adopting volume in the mouth and added structure.

Jean Luc Andrieu,Director
Cave Héraclès, Gard,

Mode de programmation avancé du pressoir pneumatique Smart Press
Smart Oak and its oaking vat
Mode de programmation avancé du pressoir pneumatique Smart Press
Simplified schematic


• lnerting during oaking operation.
• Preserves freshness and fruitiness of wine
• Controlled extraction of the aromatic compounds from the oak wood.
• Temperature monitoring in real time.
• Alert in the event of air intake
• Extraction intensity selected according to the type of wine required.

Cost effectiveness

• Reduced wood/wine contact time (a few days instead of 3 to 6 months in the static process).
• Rapid return on investment.
• Flexibility: enables fast adaptation to consumer demand.
• Improved control of wine preservation (no transfer from vat when oaking complete)


• Shavings added to the Smart Oak vat.
• No need to lift bags of shavings to the top of the vats.
• Safer for operators.
• Customised control of oaking: automatic or manual programmes as required
• User-friendly and intuitive touchscreen interface.


• The progress of the oaking is monitored by an electrical impedance spectrometry sensor.
• Repeatable oaking profiles.

Mode de programmation avancé du pressoir pneumatique Smart Press
Mode de programmation avancé du pressoir pneumatique Smart Press
Intuitive tactile interface